5 oz., Up to 30 Fires!
Wood Shavings & Wax

Smashing two stones together might make a spark that would turn into a fire, but it makes your arms really tired, and unless you are wearing safety goggles, you could lose an eye. You could do that thing with the spinning stick, but it involves making a "tinder nest," and ever more tired arms. Then there is the old flint and steel trick. Then again, you didn't bring your flint, did you? But since we are camping or making a bonfire in the backyard, perhaps after a few beers or glasses of something, getting a spark or even a little flame isn't the problem. (Of course you have matches in the back of your junk drawer, and probably a lighter in your pocket.) Getting it going is the real challenge. Get it going Qwicklite style. I mean, really, it lights on water and it's all about having a good time. How can you lose?