Paper Pusher Calendar


7.25" x 12"

Truth be told, we have worked with JP from Paper Pusher for over three years and I have never met him. I find this odd but I am trying to live with it. He’s waaaaay north in Canada and we are down here in New York you know. Ming, who has been a regular Kiosk person since 2007, went to school at McGill and she got to know JP. JP acquired a Risograph and he printed the Kiosk money for us, soon after which he very kindly sent us his calendar. We immediately asked him for a batch at Kiosk, we knew you all would enjoy it too and you did. That was 2011. Moving on to 2013 things got even better and we got more ahead of the ball.Year after year same olde. A calendar for 2015 with phantasmic shapes, colors and kaleidoscopic froths on a daydream. Pass the days of 2015 in JP’s geometric fantasy. If anyone wants to give us a Risograph in 2015 I would be very pleased.

So sorry, sold out at the moment, but we should be getting it in again soon!