Round Paintbrush


5"ø x 6.75"
Wood, Plastic & Nylon

Indeed! It is a giant paintbrush. Use with a pole and paint the town. I'm turning this brush over and sticking pens in it right now. This brush is bigger than it appears, unless you are holding it. All those white walls in the Greek islands must be whitened by some clever method. I'm ready to commit to a year of research to find out. It's a sacrifice, but I'm game. Why the number 26? I'll tell you soon enough, but I gotta catch the next ferry. I'll miss you. It will be hard to be apart, but look for me at Vasili's Taverna on Crete. I'll be at work discussing this brush with the locals. Oh yeah, it's gonna take some time. You're welcome to visit. I mean it!