4.5" diameter x 5.5"
Stainless Steel

A tasty treat in my tiffin, a tasty tiffin indeed. In Southern India I ate like a Queen, Pure Veg, Pure Veg, Pure Veg! Never before was being a vegetarian a positive. Taste comes in many forms in India and it is largely agreed the best tasting food comes from inside ones home. "Tiffin" means a light meal or most commonly lunch. Tiffin are the Indian lunchbox with, in this case, three parts to hold from bottom to top: veg., rice and chapatti and two plates for eating on. I could often be found around town peering over peoples shoulders looking into their tiffin boxes. "Taste makes waste" I would tell them. Only one man corrected me with the word "haste" but yes, I told him, "Taste is a tiffin".

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