Objects from shows at Kiosk with people we like. Showing the things they do. Odds and ends, cool stuff that is the result of those collaborations. Not bad. It's contemporary. It's happening now. 

After Modern History Books
YX002:Yuki & daughters soft pretzel
Ken's Postcard Set
Mr. Hop
Slow and Steady Wins the Race Fringe Necklace
Elementary Set Bracelet Circles
Elementary Set Bracelet Square
Elementary Set Bracelet Cubes
Kiddie Pouch by JR
Finn Pouch by JR
Salvor Scarf for Kiosk Paper
Uglycute: Stool
Depressingly Awesome Poster
Reference Library Tote Bag
Beach Chair
Black Cross Skateboard
Boym "Palace of the Soviets"
Rich, Brilliant, Willing - Candle Party
Uglycute: Lamp
All You Can Eat Press Maps
Flamingo Pouch by JR