After Modern History Books


4" x 5.75"

Michael Kim does the hard work for us. He scans newspapers on a daily basis, year-round, and clips things. Exactly what he clips is personal knowledge. However, from time to time, he self-publishes a book of clippings on one subject. His first title, "Weeping", was a study in all expressions of deep sadness. Due to its natural appeal the book sold out. His second title "Bicycles" is devoted to you know what, and the third title, "Lines", talks about the monotony of our existence. One does not realize, until reviewing the publications, that his books are a documentation on humanity and man's existence today. Each book is a fascinating meditation on its topic and one person's view of the world at a specific moment in time. When asked to define what he is doing, Michael replied with: " AFTER MODERN HISTORY is a report on world events that re-edits the news of the day by linking together images according to a totally idiosyncratic perspective of pattern recognitions and typologies. AFTER MODERN HISTORY lifts photos from daily newspapers and re-organizes disparate, often atomized subjects into newly imagined affinities."


So sorry, sold out at this time!