Audubon Bird Call


.5" x 2.5"
Birch, Metal & Powdered Rosin

Yes, we live in a city, and yes, that did not stop us from testing the call before deciding to include it in the collection. Now, I think you are wondering about the whereand how. Well, we were on our fire escape and there was an old camping tent involved. (Did we create a bird-watching bunker?...I'll never tell.) As promised, the turn of the call and a little patience brought several birds to the tree outside our window; we have been hobbyist bird watchers ever since, albeit primarily from a fire escape. (NOTE: I am sure not to overuse it, as it can stress the birds out.) In theĀ 50s, Roger Eddy was inspired after witnessing a hunter using a similar device in Northern Italy. What began as a family enterprise remains one today. Sometimes the squeak can stop, so each comes with a small, powdered rosin-filled capsule. Puncture the capsule with a pin and puff some of the powder into the spot where the wood and metal meet. It's friction, you see.