Baby Rattle


8" x 3.5"
Water Willow & Juniper Seed

We met Nicolas over five years ago at the Saturday market in Apt, France. I was enticed by his potato basket as well as his baby rattle. The rattle is made of 7 strands of water willow and 7 juniper seeds. The willow grows in a stream near his house. The history of the rattle is not exactly known but Nicolas was told it was originally given as a baptism gift, the number 7 representing the seven deadly sins or the seven sacraments. When viewed from the top one can notice the hypnotic spiral pattern; it can hypnotize. Over time the willow will grow darker. Provence was historically known for its basket making, with Cadenet as the center of production. Now there are very few basket makers left. We're proud to support Nicolas in his work.