Clarence's clearance! Room for doom or gloom! Help us help you to save money by giving us money (how's that for a win-win situation?). The deal is real! Ours can be yours!  Once these items are gone they are gone, so act now or regret later! NOTE NOTE! Sale items are FINAL.

3 Towelettes
After Modern History Books
Bakelite Pencil Sharpener
Diving Submarine
Doggie Bags
Glitsa / Plastic Snake
Greek Beeswax Candles
Greek Handbroom
Luminia / Floating "Candles"
Metal Stencils
Nut Cracker
Stocking Socks
Trannie Jokes Etc.
Vanilla Powder
Wire Toothbrush Holder
Wood Cabin
Wooly Willy