Clarence's clearance! Room for doom or gloom! Help us help you to save money by giving us money (how's that for a win-win situation?). The deal is real! Ours can be yours!  Once these items are gone they are gone, so act now or regret later! NOTE NOTE! Sale items are FINAL.

3 Towelettes
Burner Reducer
Cheese Cutter
Childrens Horse Whip
Distiller Seal
Doggie Bags
Eggplant Knife
Garlic Strand
Glass Grater
Glitsa / Plastic Snake
Greek Beeswax Candles
Iron Shovel
Kids Wool Gloves
Kids Wool Socks
Kind-of Cookie Press
Luminia / Floating "Candles"
Map of Romania
Martyr Press
Pickle Presses
Plastic Bread Basket
Plastic Net Bag
ROM Candy
Romanian Baby Tub
Romanian Metal Bucket
Romanian Rope
Slanted Lamp Socket
Toast and Grill Pan
Vanilla Powder
Wood Bowl and Spoon Carved
Wooden Plate
Wooden Spoons
Wool Slippers
Wooly Willy