1" x 1" x 4.5"
Sugar, Dextrose, Anise extract, Plant oil

Lullaby me to sleep with some anisblocks. These little dream pellets are a bridge to the sandman or sandlady, whomever you find you are looking for late at night. Most bedtimes I take half a tab in a decent mug of hot milk. Be sure to stir it up or all of that yummy fennel taste sits on the bottom and the sugar at the end gives you a jolt rather than a cuddle with a snuggle. Anisblocks are made for children and adults alike, much like a surrogate teddybear. I find it strange when adults have stuffed animals on their beds. Is it worse when the person is single or with someone? You got me. Where does the bear go in the more intimate moments? A warm tummy at night does wonders for the dreams.

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