3" x 3.5" √ł

About thirty years ago I made my first trip to Europe and found myself in England, Turkey and Belgium. The combination of places was most fascinating and looking back what I remember most was the food. We were two teenagers on a very thin, paper thin, budget. There was McVitties in London on the friends parents sofa and Wimbledon on the radio; we had the house on Albion Street to ourselves. In Turkey we were with family in the summer town of Izmir, days were short mostly as the nights ran into the days. Hitchhiking to the Number 9 club in the eve, staying out until the sun came up and when when finally woke, sending a younger brother to the pressed sandwich stand for whatever the chef was pressing that day. Belgium was a bit more refined with daily doses of Sirop de Liege on toast with lots of butter. This staple is the only one left in my regime today. How does my story connect to Appelstroop? Well, you see, Appelstroop is the Dutch equivalent to Sirop de Liege. What is Belgium was once France...was once The Netherlands. As they were once the same so are the Sirop and the Stroop. It's all apple syrup. Simple, boiled-down, apple goodness to spread on anything one can digest- or not! You can dip a spoon in and lick it off too. The Benelux apple comes together again in a tin.

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