Bicycle Pump


23" x 8" x 5"
Metal, Wood, Rubber

My family were all avid bike riders. At one point my father was into long distance riding on Sunday afternoons, it was some type of a loneliness of the long distance biker story. Anyway, you might guess my Dad was a bit of a collector and an object nut, given whom I am. Antiques, the Whole Earth catalog, gadgets, a garage filled to the brim, with every new hobby came a new set of gear. There were bike pedals from Japan, baskets from England, carriers from the Netherlands, repair kits from Taiwan, etc. However, the one thing I never understood was the bike pump. Despite all of this change and trends, it remained constant. Now I know why as this pump was the one found in our New Jersey garage and in every Dutch household. Ask a Dutch person, they will tell you so! I cannot tell a lie! Comes with adapters for American tires.

So sorry, sold out at this time!