Bike Tire Repair Kit

$6.00 (ON SALE! Was $12.00)

5" x 2.5" x 0.75"
Metal, Rubber, Sticky Stuff

Psssss, thump, thump thump. Whoops, you have a flat. Everyday people like us get flat tires all the time. It's ok. It's normal. It's something we can all talk about, openly. Riders on the Tour de France, do they get flats? I wondered, so I did a little research, and found an interesting story from this year. During the 14th leg of the race, 30 riders got tire punctures (not flats, as I like to say). I was stunned! How can this be? A race plagued with doping issues is now punctures en-mass? The culprit was not found, but tacks were discovered, spread along one kilometer of the race. Amazing, no? Limp along with a flat over the Williamsburg Bridge no longer, my friend, with your trusty Simson repair kit. No instructions, but everything else you need.