Blooker Cacao


250 grams
Cocoa Powder, no Sugar!

Blooker Cacao has quite a following, it always has. There is a street in Amsterdam, John Blookerweg, named after the founder. Blooker has so strong of a following inside the Netherlands they refuse to export the goods, or so they say. Blooker is one of the oldest producers of cacao in the Netherlands. Fantastic things have been said about Dutch cacao. Since 1814 they have been churning it out. My father-in-law is Dutch and he regularly orders hot cocoa, spring, summer, fall and winter. He calls it "energy juice" and does not drink coffee. Known among foodies for its low acidity which makes it more soluble, Dutch cocoa is considered the best in cooking corners. Hot chocolate was brought to North America by the Dutch in the 17th century. Marshmallows as we know them today were invented here in the USA.

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