Brown Security Mirror


9" x 7" arm extends 10"
Metal, Mirrored Glass

There is a book called "700 Centenboek" that consists of photomontages of many things that are typical of the city, for instance: houseboats and herring carts and garbage cans. Also included is a page of over-the-door security mirrors, a typical object found on the streets of Amsterdam, noticeable if you look hard enough. Definitely created in pre-digital times, the mirrors had me wondering, but no one could give me an answer. It seems like they were all installed prior to 1975. Could they have come out of the red light district? And when was Amsterdam such a dangerous city with a need for such things? The brown is so typically Dutch. I can't explain it. In any other place, except maybe for London, I would find it to be such an odd object, but in Amsterdam, it seems so right. Place over a doorway and position the mirror so that the person ringing the bell is in view from your window: you see them, but they won't see you. Also can be used in shops for security measures, or any other sleuth routine. With its swing arm and various tilting positions, this mirror is ideal for even the most detailed primping.

So sorry, sold out at this time!