UNDER $20:

Need to spend small but look BIG? You have come to the right collection.

Field Experiment's Bali Publication
Woven Trivet
:) face volume 1
Finnish Hanger
Bread and Puppet Not In Our Name
Merlin's Spiel
Can and Bottle Opener Gangy
Trannie Jokes Etc.
Shank Knife
Wire Toothbrush Holder
Olive Cutter
Baby Rattle
Tiny Lock
Plastic Pocket Flask
Danish Dish Brush
Willow Weather Stick
Weather Rooster
Oinometra Cups
Checkered Boxes
Kaol Mints
Metal Clips
Cedar Incense
West Marin Trees Bath Salts
Nut Butter Mixer
Seven Pepper Spice
Wood Cabin
Who Will Comfort Toffle?
Kuro Sichimi
Melamine Stuff
Slip-n-Snip Scissors
Greek Rolling Pin
Glitsa / Plastic Snake
Lavender Oil
Famos Vegetable Peeler
American Whistle
Bubble Pipe
Audubon Bird Call
Mints in a Can
Bakelite Pencil Sharpener
Greek Nightlight
Metal Stencils
Donkey Playing Cards
Mountain Tea
Hermetus Bottle Opener
All You Can Eat Press Maps
Swedish Style Whisk
Organic Greek Saffron
X Band
Hotel Key Tag
Wiring Clips
Two Tiny Stencils
Menko Cards
Standard Corkscrew  & Opener
The Long Lines Zine
Ex Votos
Olive OIl Soap
Chai Glass
Portuguese Beer Glass
Colored Chalk
After Modern History Books
Brass Paperclips
Garlic Press
Ideal Notebook
Finder Books
Aluminum Hook
Biriba Notepad
Nut Cracker
Seven Herb Lip Balm
Japanese Drinking Glasses
Luminia / Floating "Candles"
Bike Tire Repair Kit
Greek Beeswax Candles
Citra Sipper
Jetfire Balsa Airplane
Moeder's Incense
Doggie Bags
Mitsubishi No. 460 Pen
Stick-Um Candle Adhesive
Kiosk Comb
Masticha Ipovrihio
Wooly Willy
The Polkagris
Pentel B-100
Greek Paperclips
Diving Submarine
Vanilla Powder
Stocking Socks
3 Towelettes