Nun Calms


5" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" / 47 ml
79% Alcohol, Herbal Extracts

Oh crap. My nerves were shot during the trip, too many broken English conversations and very poor attempts at German in one week. The straw that broke the camel's back was the ticket checker drama on the Berlin metro. To make a long story short: we had week long tickets, which as we learned are not actually good for 7 full 24-hour days, since the first day you validate the ticket counts as the full first day (not so practical if you stamp it at 6pm like we did). We had misunderstood. But misunderstanding is not in the German formula. Subsequently, the undercovers were yelling at us all too quickly. (I felt 15 again being busted for painting an anarchy sign on the high school). We were tourists without a clue, and the police were called when I refused to hand over 40 euros cash! Nice! I thought this was a real shakedown. Anyway, when we got back home that night my nerves were shot, and I was so over it. The friend we were staying with had just the remedy; I gulped down the maximum dosage in one shot and felt quite better. It worked and we stayed on to make the collection. I am thinking of opening a nerve tonic shop here in New York. Imagine the sales at NERVEY NERVES. Hello Wall Street!