Abloy Padlock


2" x 2.5"
Brass & Steel

Locking things is never a pleasure. I prefer to keep things free and flowing; why lock everything down? Unfortunately, there are quite a few thieves out there who agree with me. Imagine what would happen if KIOSK left its doors open 24/7? Eventually someone would find us and, well, KIOSK would be over. This might indeed be a lovely way to go out. Locking the door to KIOSK with a padlock is not a possibility, but I do have more to lock than just doors, for instance: my bicycle, my storage space, my locker, my wooden trunk and never mind the gate to the summer house I wish I had. Lock it! Abloy has been making locks for over 100 years. They are one of the world’s leaders in security products. Traveling around Finland we spotted this lock again and again. It’s got some of the fluff and plenty of the muff. What I mean is - it is a pretty lock, rather Victorian, no?.The Abloy people in Finland still do not understand why I would need 20 of their locks - I mean, “what kinds of things am I locking around my shop?” Oh boy...security. Each lock comes with a “key code” on a piece of paper so if you lose your keys, but you have the code safe, you can call Abloy and order a new key!