Bennington Butter Dish

$21.00 (ON SALE! Was $42.00)

8" X 4" x 2 1/2"

Bennington Potters was established in 1948 by David Gil. He was devoted to the idea of creating pottery that has the integrity of handcrafted work but is produced with the assistance of a machine. Today, the pieces are formed with the help of the machine, but every piece is hand finished. The butter dish is part of a series designed in the late 60s. Do note that butter sticks east of the Rockies come in one shape and west of the Rockies another. As is the case here, most butter dishes accommodate the east of the Rockies form. I guess people out west have solved the problem themselves, those frontier people! Outside of the summer I tend to leave butter out of the refrigerator near a cool spot. The stoneware holds it at a good, even temperature. Recently in Sweden there was a run on butter, and for a few weeks, it was hard to find in grocery stores. I am not certain whether it was due to a change in season, a popular cooking show promoting butter, or a group revelation that margarine contains trans fats and Omega-6 fatty acids. There is a popular divide between salted and sweet butter. Overall I feel cooking with unsalted butter is the way to go; you can always add salt.