Airmail Envelopes

Airmail Envelopes


5" x 10"

Sold in packs of 5

Actually, I do remember a time when airmail envelopes were necessary objects. At a very young age I started fantasizing about travel, developing a network of global pen pals-Japan, Bulgaria, Greece, Haiti, Great Neck (no need for an airmail envelope)... I don't know what we wrote about, but I do remember the need to use an airmail envelope when posting. Using a specific envelope made the effort all the more exciting. I am not sure if I was drawn to the graphics (aesthetics) or the idea of the postman clearly prioritizing my letter which was so loudly marked for special VIP via air delivery (function). Quite common in Hong Kong, the envelopes really take me back. They say both "travel" and "exotic" in one glimpse.

So sorry, sold out at this time!