Columbia School Chairs Columbia School Chairs Columbia School Chairs

Columbia School Chairs


16" wide x 17" deep x 31" tall
Steel and Hard Plastic
Massachusetts, USA

A school chair produced in the United States for American students since the 1950's. Perhaps you recognize it and think of all those chairs you coated the underside of with gum. When I think of how huge America is, and of all of our different life experiences, it is nice to imagine each of us having one common denominator, in this case a chair. From the anti-evolutionist science classes in Texas, to the frog dissection rooms of New Jersey, we can take comfort in knowing we have one flag and one president and one common school chair: that common chair you are looking at right now--perhaps you are even sitting on it as you read this, looking at the tie-dye shirt and having a flashback. This chair you never thought much about, but that supported you from the age of 6 to 17, is made by Columbia Manufacturing, located at at One Cycle Street in Westfield, Massachusetts. Founded in 1877 as a bicycle manufacturer, they have been making school furniture since 1952 and continue to lend us all a bit of support up to today. 

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