Noisemaker from Hell Noisemaker from Hell Noisemaker from Hell Noisemaker from Hell

Noisemaker from Hell


11" x 13"
Paper & Plastic

We did not conjure up the products name, this is its proper name. It's the perfect thing to give someone and THE item of envy, with one caveat, the noise it makes is pitiful. Yes, indeed it is. I was surprised, with such a big, brassy look, that the sound from the "Noisemaker from Hell" would make such a tiny squeak. In fact, its bark is not worse than its bite or vice versa. Soon after I put the thing together, I was excited to blow. Taking a big puff I managed to inflate about half of the streamers, (bravo!), only to hear a tiny little whine. I tried again thinking the low volume was due to my weak lung capacity and with practice I was able to inflate all of the streamers. But, to my chagrin, the volume simply never increased. Then it dawned on me, this is a Japanese noisemaker! Ah! Japanese modesty issues! Then I wondered, oh, perhaps in Japan this whistle IS really loud, I am American after all. So, choose this "Noisemaker from Hell" if you like a modest noise and a lot of flash. You will find its peacock feathers will get you the most amount of attention without the brassy finish which in reality can make you the annoyance of the party. Very Japanese in some ways.

red/ blue/ yellow