Tears of Love Tears of Love Tears of Love

Tears of Love


4" x 4" x 1", 1/2 a pound
Sugar, No Real Tears

Finding the little shop that makes these candies was not an easy feat. Sure, it was not on the smallest street in Rome, but the windows were covered with heavy velvet. Walking in, we doubted we had come to the right place. It seemed dusty, and coming inside from the scathing July sun, our eyes had a hard time adjusting to the dark interior--of course this was the reason they had covered the windows: to protect their fine candy from the intense rays of the sun. When we finally settled in, we found these little marvels, Lacrime d’Amore, hard, candy-covered, sugar-sweet liquids, each made by hand. Every color has a different taste: subtle sensations of strawberry, almond, citrus, blackberry, and more. They crack easily in your mouth dispersing their lovely tears. Love, and broken hearts, have never been described better for your tongue's sensitive nerves than in the heart of these delights. We only bring them in for the holiday season!

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