Toolbox Toolbox Toolbox



16 3/4" x 6" x 5"
Powder Coated Steel

Who really wants a big plastic toolbox in the house? Ok, raise your hand. If you did not raise your hand, please continue reading. A toolbox that's not meant for carrying around on the job, but that's very, very, handy to have at home in the closet. Not too big and not too small. No compartments. Just a solid open box that's waiting to hold all your basics in one place. When I worked as a set designer we all had our "kits". These were the tools and supplies you needed to get by on the job. I started out with a huge kit by my standards, a big plastic toolbox (so ugly) and a big storage bin filled with other goodies. I mean large but it could be transported in a taxi. Other people, generally men, needed vans specifically to hold their kits. Hmmmm, similar to owning a flashy sports car I think. Time went by, and I started going on planes to get to jobs, and my kit shrunk down quite quickly into a camera-person's bag - a round, soft tub thing with many compartments. Over time, I realized what tools one can do without. When you get down to it, I think you need 5 different tools for home repair and then some screws, hooks, and what-not. This toolbox is a nod to handy-persons "in the know", though it comes in a very flashy 1980s automobile blue. I wonder why? Did I come back around to the sports car complex yet again?