Wood Bowl Large Wood Bowl Large Wood Bowl Large

Wood Bowl Large


15" x 4 1/2"
Vermont, USA

Glass, plastic, metal. What is the obsession with things entirely man-made? You know what looks better on the table and feels better in the hand? Wood. You know what looks better with age instead of just getting greasy, rusty or dented? Wood. What have humans been making stuff out of for over 100,000 years? Not glass or plastic, that’s for sure, but wood. This size is just right for, you got it, BIG salads, or for holding fruits. Toss with ease. Yum. Wait, don’t eat the bowl, silly, unless you're a nasty termite. This is the typical Vermont made wooden bowl that has made Vermont wooden bowls so famous. You know about them right? Can you balance a bowl on your head? You know what that means, right?