Danish Dish Brush
Danish Dish Brush

Danish Dish Brush

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9" x 1.5"
Plastic & Horsehair

Durable. Superfine. Your plates have earned it! You know, having KIOSK, a lot of people show us all sorts of things from their closets, cabinets, bookshelves, etc., and we like it. We love it! The dish brush was pointed out to us by a Swedish friend who spent every summer in the south of Sweden with her family. Year after year, they make a pilgrimage to Denmark and buy one brush for every adult in the family. The brushes are "that good." She not only clued us in, but she gave us one, and after we tried it for eight months, WE feel it is THAT good. If it needs cleaning, dip into a pot of boiling water every so often. Bonus: The horsehair holds the soap really well, so I use one-third of the soap we would with plastic brushes. PLEASE NOTE: I have been using mine for over more than two years and it is still going strong!

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