Marseille Suit

Marseille Suit

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This is above all things, a cheap suit. It will not last long. It must be dry-cleaned to set the color before using. It will shrink if washed. You will look fabulous in it. You will look French. It is the traditional uniform of the dock workers of Marseille. Yes, they still buy and wear it. The uniform was originally a joint initiative between a French and a Chinese company in the 1930s. Then, it was Chinese, then, it was and is French but made in China. This suit travels. If you have seen Pagnol you know it. If you have a thing for France in the 70s you will now notice it was rediscovered by AgnesB back then and sold in great quantities from her first shop. Worn in the past by workers in China, imported to France, worn by the French workers and leftist intellectuals. Featured heavily in the movement of 1968 and in Goddard's film "La Chinoise", the artist César had a thing for it too. Time for a real comeback, round 3,000. Guess your size or come by the store to try on.

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