Mazzotti Incense Holder

Mazzotti Incense Holder

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3.5"ø x 5"
Glazed Ceramic

Another beautiful product by those beautiful people over at Mazzotti. Some of you may know the Futurist candlestick from Mazotti that we were selling in our first Italian installment. You can find them here. You can read there about how in the 1930s Albissola was the center of Italian Futurist ceramics and Mazzotti was the main producer. It was quite a scene. This incense burner was one of the ceramics produced during that time. So why an incense burner? Why a candlestick? Just roll with it. Made to hold incense in the cup, yet, the little holes in the lid which let out the smoke also work to hold a stick perfectly well. Go either way.

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