Nero d' Inferno

Nero d' Inferno

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Leather Dye
25 ml

There is something about that devil which draws me in. A combination of sexy and menacing, he is the typical guy I would have fallen for in my early years. What's he doing with that pot after all? Stoking the fires of hell or making a delicious beef bourguignon? He appears nude which is a little off, given the fiery conditions, or not, perhaps he is simply hopelessly impractical, an endearing eccentric. It's always good to look at both sides. Produced by Fabbrica Chimica Unione, the dye has been around for the past 80+ years, a darker, than the darkest night, black dye. The great-grandson of the founder mentioned Nero d'Inferno is excellent for shoes but is also the material of choice for graffiti artists as it is very, very strong. 

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