Plastic Manhattan Tote
Plastic Manhattan Tote

Plastic Manhattan Tote

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Hold it! You can order, but our shipments won't go out until end of January / beginning of February, as we are organizing ourselves after our show. It's an inconvenient truth!

14"h x 16" x 6"

A bag for the beach or town. A computer bag with a statement, more enjoyable when it is accompanied by a bottle of wine. A beach bag that the suit can be tossed into wet and the sand does not cling to. Wide enough to let long things poke out. Strong enough for the vegetable shopping; the broad, flat base and rectangular shape means less stacking up. Sharp color combined with geometrics gives the right balance. Good for storing things in at home too. Called the "Manhattan" bag for the right amount of flair. I'll take 10 of them! What am I saying? Note the two colors. 

Sorry! Sold out! Between them all.