Portuguese Beer Glass

Portuguese Beer Glass

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5" x 2.5"
Sold as a set of 6

Sit down at a bar, cafe, or restaurant in Portugal, and nearly every time you order a beer, this glass will be set in front of you. Similar to the German kölsch glass, which I love. But more rounded and not as straight and narrow as the kölsch, kind of like the Portuguese vs. German physique or sense of humor. One is more rounded and full-bodied, the other is quite trim and lean. In terms of volume, a customer wrote me with the following: "At 20 cl, they are almost half a US pint, and more than one-third of an Imperial UK Pint, and exactly one-fifth of a liter. Let's call this the Golden Ratio." I like his thinking... This is perfect for me, as I am not a big beer drinker. It's economical too, which makes it easy to take another round (it's a small commitment). Perhaps this is the perfect thing for those noncommittal-type dudes.

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