Safety Pin with Evil Eye

Safety Pin with Evil Eye

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1.25" x .25"
Gold Plating, Metal & Glass

Growing up in an Italian-American household, one sees the evil eye (malocchio in Italian, màti in Greek, and stink eye in Hawaiian) around every corner. Boy, would my grandmother have wanted one of these. Come to think of it, she may have had one tucked into her sewing kit, or in her pincushion. Technically, this little pin is made for babies. The loop on the pin can hold an icon or charm. Some people attach it to clothing, others put it on a pillow or a stroller. Belief in the evil eye originated during antiquity in Greece, and spread throughout the world from there. I was wondering why I was seeing an eye on so many objects from antiquity and I only now realize the connection. With its large eyes, an owl accompanies Athena, goddess of wisdom. It is said the reason for the association is unknown. I do wonder if the owl's eyes signify protection from the evil eye. We have the Greeks to thank for the eye, so it is best to assume they know the most effective fortification against it, in case you are concerned.

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