Spring Band

Spring Band

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30" long (unstretched)
Metal, Rubber, Fabric

A few of these will fasten your suitcase onto the roof of your old Fiat 500 or your Fiat 500 onto your suitcase, depending on how you roll. The company Trem began producing thin elastic rope covers for bicycle wheels over 50 years ago. Then, as women wore less skirts and more pants, the owner shifted his attention to longer ropes for holding baggage onto cars. Next, as cars grew larger and it was no longer necessary or legally possible to pile the luggage up on the top, he branched out into nautical ropes.  And so today, Trem has diversified into several areas which need ropes, modes of transport being the central figure. Airplanes or trains next? I don't know about you but I always need a bungee. Final note of mention, a bungee is also known as a shock cord and in Australia as an occy strap or octopus strap. Nowhere do I see it called a "spring band" but to me, that is what it is. Use it on your: bike, car, plane, train, truck, wagon...to secure your: luggage, shovel, wheels, surfboard, table... to hang your: basket, bin, painting, lamp, bird cage... Millions of things, you should have one on hand, I find when I don't, that is when I need it. 

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