Spring Clips

Spring Clips

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Hold it! You can order, but our shipments won't go out until end of January / beginning of February, as we are organizing ourselves after our show. It's an inconvenient truth!

2.8" / Set of 6

When Marco asked me if I have a thing for clips I had no idea what he was talking about. Then, he reminded me of a product we have stocked for 15 years, the metal clip from Japan; also, that I have been trying to visit a clip maker in Marseille for the past 3 months. I guess I do have a thing for clips, who doesn't? Oddly, each of those factories seems to be inhabited primarily by one lone elderly man, at least the same person always picks up the phone and replies to the email, this person sounds like a man and I assume they are elderly but who am I to pass judgement? Is that my fantasy talking and am I really into clips in some way my conscious does not let me know? Are you? Answer that question truthfully. The Italian clip is quite strong, the French, which we do not yet sell, is a bit weak and the Japanese, kind of right on for any application. Different strokes for different folks...different clips for different kinds. 

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