Stove Igniter

Stove Igniter

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Steel, Plastic, Quartz Crystal
9" x 1.5" x 1.5"

Incendiary urges? Hunger pains? Time to cook? You might like to use this as much as I like it to ignite a gassy flame. It’s not a lighter per se, it doesn’t have it’s own container of gas, but it sparkles with tiny, tiny arches of electrified plasma. Not like the lighters that sparkle by frictionally burning stone. It’s the type that gives you funny spasms when you hold it to your leg and squeeze. Piezo magic. Pretty High Voltage Pretty Damn Often - that’s how it works plain and simply. And it’s handsome in my eyes. Oh and, it could also be used like one of those hand-squeeze trainer thing - it’s versatile like that.

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