Tiny Gem Calendar
Tiny Gem Calendar

Tiny Gem Calendar

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1.69" x 2.32" x 1" h.

Your year, the year of 2020, in a tiny pocket-sized stack 1" thick. Those small days often flutter by without a notice or a nod. I timed it and with some practice found I can flip through the entire 2020 in under one second. Take another look at time. One second is all it physically takes to go through 2020 with this calendar and on the cosmic clock one second is equal to 434 years. Three cosmic things of significance are happening in 2020. The UK will Brexit OUT if things go as some have planned. NASA will head to Mars to start exploring colonization (hey, let's take care of this planet too). The US will hold a presidential election... fingers crossed we have a change for that oneThese few items will certainly lead to an interesting chain of events, with more to come. Happy 2020! Thanks to MM for showing me this calendar in 1995.

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