Sanou Oumar

Sanou Oumar

Born in 1986 in Burkina Faso.

I always appreciate art that takes me to another place, transporting me. Something that I can float down on my own mental river. Sometimes that art is literal, other times multidimensional, with Sanou’s work, it is graphtasimical, if that is a word. These works are kaleidoscopes captured in rotation, frozen in a moment of spin. 

I remember the first time I saw Sanou’s work at Jacob’s gallery, Gordon Robichaux. It was December and I was freezing cold. We had recently sublet our office space to Jacob in support of his and Sam’s gallery initiative. I was back home in a space I loved, feeling warm and inspired, energized and almost ready to take on anything. It was one of those days, a day of input, rather than output, those days that were seeming to be less and less common. I went to visit Jacob because everything he was showing and doing was blowing my mind. Everything was giving me what I wanted and what I needed. I had been a fan of Jacob’s thinking and eye long before he opened the gallery; for years prior he and I had a dialog about the life of objects and the magical transformative nature of art and things on the human spirit and mind. 

That afternoon Jacob had Sanou’s work on his desk, spread out, lots of drawings. Sanou at the time was making a drawing a day, as far as I could tell, as a form of meditation. You know, I was taken with the work, immediately drawn to it, but honestly, it was weird, I could not stop looking. I just couldn’t help myself. I had to see more and more and more. It was a bit drug-like to be honest. Looking, looking, looking, usually I can control myself, I look at things all day long, but this time I couldn’t and rather than doing so, I let go, down the rabbit hole.  An hour later, I hopped off the ride and made a firm decision to bring Sanou’s work to the people. To show the work, to help this creator. So now, you see his fantastic creations here. On reflection, that moment and Sanou’s work was one of the reasons I decided to show art at KIOSK. How incredible, what a gift he has put out into the world. His work has the ability to transform.

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