KIOSK Archive of 1,194 objects

KIOSK Archive of 1,194 objects

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Assorted materials and mediums, years, dimensions, countries, everything... kind of the ultimate object of objects.

Our archive of everything we have ever sold is no longer available for purchase for the sum of the original retail prices as we are determined to create a good home for it. Help us Create this place, storage is not a good spot, no matter how pretty it looks in boxes. A moment in material culture chosen by us to jumpstart a publicly accessible collection. History made. Objects to love. Incredibly cataloged and organized. 1,194 things collected between 2005 - today, 17 years of work summed up.

You can see it all here:

Make yourself the caregiver of this incredible mass of things. This is a true work of art, shown at MoMA / PS1 in 2015. My art is your fantasy! You know I love the stuff but the time has come to get it out into the world, I know you will love it too. A Google spreadsheet with every detail possible regarding each and every KIOSK item is also all yours. Contact us for more details and discussion. Your win, is our win, is everyones win. Imagine all the great study opportunities; what you could offer your friends, neighborhood and community. Excellent dinner conversations. Plus all the stuff! Price is the sum of the initial retail prices of all the items. Cost is negotiable for a good place with nice people who care, even more reduced if the collection helps to improve a community. Almost free if your dream is to make a difference in the world. Let's open up some peoples thoughts, eyes and imagination together! The fantasy is this collection is the beginning of a community driven collection of objects from all around the world. How and where to begin? That is the only question! Let's build it together! And yes, this is for real. Don't hesitate to reach out and write for more details. For an institution, this is an easy acquisition, ready to roll and perfect for public engagement. For a private entity, it's gold, you can never create it. 

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