Super Natural Black Tea Compliments of Postcard Teas, London

Super Natural Black Tea Compliments of Postcard Teas, London

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Camellia Sinensis Sinensis, Seed grown 90 year old Yabukita cultivar
Blend of 2021 and 2020 teas
50 grams

I wish I could say I had a long history with Super Natural Black, but I don't, our journey has only just begun. A journey I have allowed myself to blindly go on compliments of my friend Tim, whose judgement I trust entirely when it comes to tea, as every offering Tim has is impeccable and delicious because you see, Tim is tea. As one develops a relationship with a wine shop or purveyor of any fine goods, Tim has tea covered at Postcard Teas in London. The now majority of his life has been devoted to the subject and he has never lead me astray. I live by his Fuji Sencha. When I suggested to Tim that this year, our third holiday season offering his teas, we offer only a green and a black, Tim suggested Super Natural Black Tea and here it is, sold by us. Untested and simply available at KIOSK because I have utter trust. 

"An unusually aromatic Japanese black tea from Kumamoto area of Kyushu in Japan. The tea is made on a small 8 acre farm in Minamata-shi by 4th generation tea maker Master Matsumoto, who uses his great grandfather’s 90 year old Yabukita ancient tea trees grown without any chemicals, herbicides, fertilizers, or even manure – hence the tea grows ‘supernaturally’.

This is one of the most versatile black teas we have, combining some of the best qualities of Darjeeling, Assam and Chinese teas and adding something extra of its own. The tea has the aromatic qualities of a second flush Darjeeling and a plum/prune sweetness which comes out more when brewed lightly, but when brewed strong it tastes like the richest, smoothest Assam or Breakfast tea without any astringency or tannins. It can also take milk very well if required." - Postcard Teas, London

Master Matsumoto’s farm, Minamata-shi, Kumamoto, Japan

8 acres

95-100°C, 3-4g per cup, with or without milk. 3 infusions.

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