Vogue- July 1, 1948

Vogue- July 1, 1948

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An original Vogue magazine which found its way into my collection in 1993 while I was working at Isaac Mizrahi. In New York City there used to be a number of stores that dealt in only second-hand publications. Oh, the joy of digging through those spaces located near Port Authority. I was in heaven. Everything worth telling is a long story so I will spare you further details here.

Vogue has an archive at:  https://archive.vogue.com/
You can see the entire issue there.

This issue includes:
Cover: Irving Penn
Photos by: Blumenfeld, Penn, Rawlings, Coffin, Kertesz, George Platt Lynes, Horst, Rutledge, Nepo Featuring: Piece by M.F.K Fisher, Inside NYC by Irving Penn

Please note, these are difficult to find and whereas this is in good condition, it's not at all in perfect form!
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