Yes, we live in a city but that did not stop us from testing the call, I was skeptical it would work. I think you are wondering about the where and the how. Well, we were on our fire escape and there was an old camping tent involved. (Did we create a bird-watching bunker?...I'll never tell.) As promised, the turn of the call and a little patience wrangled several birds to the tree outside our window. Thanks to the call we have been hobbyist bird watchers ever since, albeit primarily from a fire escape. (NOTE: I am sure not to overuse it, as too much call can stress the birds out.) In the 50s, Roger Eddy was inspired by a similar call in Northern Italy; which lead him to produce his own. What began as a family enterprise remains one today. Sometimes the squeak can stop, so each call comes with a small powdered rosin-filled capsule. Gently puncture the capsule with a pin and puff some of the powder into the spot where the wood and metal meet. It's friction, you see. Magic in the name of birds, in the name of science.
Audubon Bird Call
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