Simplicity, it is hard to come by; a good made barrette, even harder. People out there with hair who pull it back, you know what I mean. What has happened to the good, solid, springy, hold it in place, tortoise clip? Disappeared. My standard supplier in New York ran low and then out so I searched for years to find the maker; the only thing I had to go on were the words “Made in France” on the metal clip. I moved to France and I thought it was a sure bet, little did I know, this is a territorial place and information is hard to come by. Years later I found the maker, I’ll spare you the details, but it involved nothing indecent. The thing was, I was searching in the wrong place all along. The metal clip is made in France (the best ones are) BUT the simple, standard cellulose tortoise form, is made in Germany and now, only made to order. Given the options it was hard to choose but in the end this assortment provides for every possible scenario. Some people say the lighter tortoise is for blondes but I think it's nice to sometimes have a little contrast. Classy. You won't find these at CVS or anywhere high or low for that matter, unless you have a secret source like me. Let loose. Please note they are sold by the piece.
French Barrettes
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