Store Card Template above the upper margin line. use next cut/margin box. Margin line TIP: Use a blade and ruler and don’t cut “all the way” . Don’t use the guillotine... FRENCH BOTTARGA

approx. 150 grams or 1/3 of a pound
Dried Mullet Roe, Kosher

Delicious. Special. A bit expensive, fois-gras of the sea. Poutargue or boutargue in French, no relationship to a potato. Slightly off-putting and then addictive. Midnight cravings in small bites, sliced very thin, with some olive oil on the top, chewed together with a piece of baguette, a Prosecco on the side. Taken on its own in thicker slices, straight-up. Best way, in my opinion, is sliced thin and marinated in olive oil with rosemary and lemon, or orange and juniper for 1 hour before stirring the blend into warm linguine, always adding a little cooking water from the pot. Prepared as described, this piece will serve 8. Keep some aside to grate on the top at the end. A traditional Mediterranean food, the Italians claim they invented it, the French say they did, the Greeks too. History will never let us know. The good news is it's delicious.  Concentrated and with a bite. Our supply is from a producer in Martigues, near to Marseille, see image. A lot of devotion goes into every bite, it makes anything normal into something special.