A lamp to act as company on any a dreary night. Created by Marco to keep me company, this lamp featured in our show last December at Gordon Robichaux. You perhaps did not notice it, as it has a low profile, but it was there, brightening the little corner behind Kyle's cassette tape. Some of us do not like to exist in pitch darkness. While I do like the dark of night, it can be easier and more pleasant to have a little lamp to keep you company. Many an eve I have fallen asleep with this chap burning in the corner, anticipating Marco's late night return from the studio and/or bar. You could think of it as a night nurse of sorts, a stand-in for a dog or any other type of manufactured companion. Is a nightlight nothing more than a stand in for the future android and would things be better today if machines cared for us all in sickness and in health, till death do us part? I do not know. I do not dream of sheep.
Candlestick Lamp
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