Croakies Floaters
Sure, these are from the 80s and of the moment once again, I believe? Were they ever in the moment? I can assure you YES and what was good, just got better. Many a pair of sunglasses have been saved by the Croakies Floater and many sans-floater, have sunk straight down to Atlantis. I like the Floater's fatness; the bright colors make it easy to see your shades when you circle back around. Most helpful when in the water although I'm not sure if I am going in, it depends on how deep it is. It's just too bizarre to imagine myself suspended 30 feet above the sea bed. I mean I loved the movie the Big Blue but that does not mean I swim in the big deep of it. Never a fan of eyeglass chains, I use the Floater with my reading glasses which are increasingly paired to my eyes. The Floater is easy to spot on land as well as sea and keeps my glasses handsfree. We all have to adapt to the times. Rest easy little Croakie, you have been in biz since 1977.