Gauze Cloth
Gauze Cloth
Gauze Cloth

Gauze Cloth

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23" x 23"
50% Cotton, 35% Rayon, 15% Hemp & Natural Sweet Potato Starch

We all know the cubes that expand into a towel 
and the t-shirts from Muji, too.
Do you remember the sponges shaped like dinosaurs? 
This gauze cloth won't expand as much, 
but conceptually 
it is a distant relative. 
8 layers of compacted mosquito net: 
absorbent and dries fast! 
Before use, rinse the starch off 
in hot water and wash.
YES, it does get soft. 
Those geometric patterns make me think of water molecules. 
I use it all summer as a cooling cloth! 
Basically also whenever I get stressed.
It's the perfect travel towel for hot or cold anything.

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