Store Card Template above the upper margin line. use next cut/margin box. Margin line TIP: Use a blade and ruler and don’t cut “all the way” . Don’t use the guillotine... KEY BAGGIE

2" x 4"
Reindeer leather

You can call this a ""key pouch"" or you can call it a ""key baggie"" which is my name for it. An object that is apparently incredibly common in Sweden but I seem to have overlooked for 20 years. I know Marco loves the key baggie because it resembles one of his favorite possessions, an ashtray that is a leather bag filled with a grain, with a metal tray on top, basically a beanbag meets ashtray that fits in the palm of your hand. This key pouch / baggy also fits in your palm and I discovered it is a great stress reliever as well as it can double as a hacky sack. I find it's also great for running, the soft ball of keys offering themselves as something to squeeze in moments of duress, those ""I can't go on"" moments I experience every time I run. Fun to play fetch with, the baggie also prevents keys from getting lost in the pocket or creating holes. Leave it to the Swedes...a stress reliever, sport toy, companion and dog toy, clothes saver kind of an object...all the bases covered, almost perfect, almost neutral.