Store Card Template above the upper margin line. use next cut/margin box. Margin line TIP: Use a blade and ruler and don’t cut “all the way” . Don’t use the guillotine... LAVENDER OIL

1" x 3", about .5 fl oz
Oil distilled from lavender flowers

Lavender oil from the hills of Mont Ventoux, in Provence, France. We visit the farmer every summer for my annual lavender oil purchase. It's nice to have their product here with us at KIOSK. Lavender is calming. No additives or preservatives. Use as a perfume, to scent linens add into water and spray; put a little in a dish, it is a very clean way to clear the air in a space. When flying, I dab a bit on here and there. Historically used in baths - the name lavender comes from the Latin root lavare, which means ""to wash."" Good for insomnia, headache, anxiety, stress, among other things. Essentially everything for an urban lifestyle! Great as a mosquito repellent too! All-in-one! One-in-all! As they say!