Over the past year, I have been walking in nature and found a great deal of things to bring home: mushrooms, berries, a party tent (well, a canopy technically), kitchen knives, etc. At the time, if I'd had this tape dispenser, it would have solved half the problem of devising a way to transport my loot. (The other half of the problem would have been to find a piece of cardboard, but I'm sure that would have materialized pretty quickly.) I am thankful for all the useful things you can find in nature, even some of the ones nature did not produce. The smart thing about this tape dispenser is that the tape can not wind back onto the roll, and its shape is much easier to grip than a tape gun. With it, never do I have the regular frustration I find with packing tape, this makes life free and easy. It has many more selling points, but rather than having me ramble on, trust us. You will see.
Metal Tape Dispenser
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