Store Card Template above the upper margin line. use next cut/margin box. Margin line TIP: Use a blade and ruler and don’t cut “all the way” . Don’t use the guillotine... NET BAG

17" x 12"
Nylon Thread, Leather Handle & Metal

The original East German net bag in a material for the 2000s. This bag lasts. We first stocked this bag in 2007 and our enthusiasm has not been depleted. Unlike a canvas tote, it does not look shabby un-chic in two months. You don't appear to be a possible shoplifter, as anyone can see through the bag and conversely, no secrets! You won't need to wash it biweekly and dirt and debris fall through. It expands to fit the longest baguette. The only caveat is: watch out with the tiny veggies! They tend to escape from the cage of the bag. Those sneaky fresh potatoes are the worst, and so is any tiny fruit, especially the really expensive ones! Bundles up really tight. Please note, the colors vary, we like each and every one.